Marianne Schneider


Sculptures you can pass through. Three different passages made for Fredericia, Vejle and Kolding in august 2017.

Stands in a place where culture meets nature, at a park entrance.

Artists: Annette Hornskov and Marianne Schneider.


“Soil 1”. Thinking about Soil a. k. a. Soillove / UP !

Exhibited outside Naturhistorisk Museum, Aarhus in september 2017

As a part of the exhibition UP !

“Soil 1” is made by Berit Jansson, Annette Hornskov and Marianne Schneider.

It is a part of their project “Thinking about Soil a. k. a. Soillove”. An ongoing research of what soil is and what it means through protecting and gathering soil, timing and archiving etc.

The artist group work with the material soil, which here literally is put on a pedestal. The work comments on its surroundings and the soil right under our feet, which we often take for granted. More about the project :



A part of the exhibition project : “Surfing the Great Tsunami - Antropocene manifestations “ Artists from Denmark and Germany.

Curated by Carsten Rabe, Hamburg.

The Antropocene : The present era where it is man and not nature that

characterizes the evolution of the Earth.

Exhibited in Aarhus, Odder, Holstebro and Hamburg. Januar - Februar 2017.

Archiving is made by Berit Jansson, Annette Hornskov and Marianne Schneider.

“Remind me”:

A part of the exhibition project : “Songs from the Woods”.

Curated by Trine Rytter Andersen. Riis Skov, Aarhus 2016.

“Remind me” is a closed area, an impenetrable structure,

holding a hidden internal, protecting against the external.

Artists : Berit Jansson, Annette Hornskov and Marianne Schneider.



Objects / sculptures which are blown and held up by air from vacuum cleaners. They are made of plasticbags, plasticfoil and duct tape. Placed across and in front of Vejle Kunstmuseum and made by

artists Lene Noer, Flemming Jarle, Annette Hornskov and Marianne Schneider in 2016.


The Bus Project I 2013, The Bus Project II 2014, The Bus Project III 2015.

Three art projects in and around the area of Vejle, Dk. Visual artists, musicians, performance

artists and poets disturb and intervene peoples daily drive by performing in the busses, while driving.

Founded by Statens Kunstfond, Billedkunstrådet Vejle Kommune, Trekantområdets Festuge

and Ole Kirk Fond.

Project idea and management : Annette Hornskov, Flemming Jarle, Lene Noer and Marianne Schneider.